España 5 months on…

It has been a few months since I took the time to write on here… Life has been busy with the move from London to Andalucía!

We left London on 23rd May after a few leaving parties and goodbyes with our dear friends and my kitties.

We were so lucky to be able to chill for a month at Vicki’s parents lovely Finca. Regular food, a bit of drinking, some sun and meditation, games and laughter…The perfect way to relax after 20 years in London!

As usual when I relax and do not work, my crohns flares up and the few weeks rest were also full of cramps, bathroom trips, nausea and back aches… my body really doesn’t like it when I chill!

I started taking Serovera, an Aloe Vera supplement, as this came recommended and had great reviews online from Crohns sufferers… Well all it did for me was to make me more sick and give me very bad nausea and fatigue! Stopped that after a week as the side effects were worse than the disease’s symptoms!

One of the reasons for my move to sunny Spain was to try alternative remedies which I had no time to test in London… so in addition to Serovera, I had packed in my suitcase a good amount of fish oils, tumeric capsules, some carbozyme to help with carbs digestion and some Cortiment (a steroid treatment which I had no tried before and that the doctor said would not send me loopy; I don’t react well at all to steroids and always get the crazy head side effects…).

Once we arrived in Spain, I got to taking my capsules and tablets every day while keeping a food journal to see what triggered the disease… Well the special potions didn’t touch the sides and I quickly worked out that ALL FOODS WERE MAKING ME ILL!

So I stopped stopping to eat some of my favourite foods and tried to apply the “little bit of everything & not a lot of anything rule”…

It was a bit of a mental relief when I got back to work and being active, as this is when I manage my symptoms best.

We started working at a beach club on 20th June, Vicki running the Beach Bar & me on the floor taking drinks orders – no stress apart from the buzz of busy lunch services!

This job is a lot more physical that my London role so I lost a bit of weight; some muscles I didn’t know I had started to show up slowly too…

Working on the beach all day with fresh air, fun team and good food did me good! I was still going to the toilet up to 10 times a day and every 2 hours at night but it was manageable… My head was having so much fun than I didn’t really listen to my body.

Went to London and France for 10 days in September; to meet with doctors in London (bit of a waste of time…. For another blog post maybe) and to meet my brand new niece in France!

On the fun side everything went wonderfully and it was fab to see some friends in London and obviously hold little Lou in my arms for the 1st time *she is the most beautiful baby in the world*

On the health side, my body once again decided to make me pay for resting and a very strong flare up pointed it’s nose! Cramps all day, all night, endless bathroom trips, very sore bottom from all the bathroom trips… Very tired and sleepy all the time, no energy! A big fat flare up!

I, of course, powered on and met with everyone I had planned to, spent some quality time with my sisters, father and Mamie but they all saw how skinny I got and sick I looked…

My sister took this photo of me with my niece, I had no idea how skinny I got until I saw it! I look like a sewing pin!

Not the cutest photo of us Lou! She looks disgusted by my weight 😂

Luckily we have many more gorgeous photos of us to remind us of our first hug!

The doctor in London did say that I had lost 5kg but never saw it until I saw these photos…

Flew back to Málaga in quite a bad way, hoping that a return to work would sort it all out… This time unfortunately it didn’t!

To be continued in “How did I get here (again)?


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